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  • Chinese Visa

    A visa is required for all travellers to China whether for tourism, business, employment or study purposes. It is very important to apply the appropriate visa for the purpose of your visit.  We strongly suggest you to obtain a Chinese visa prior to leaving Australia as it is very difficult to obtain a visa at Chinese border entry points.   You can either go to the the nearest Embassy or Consulate of China to apply the visa by yourself, or get your travel agent to handle it for you. To start, click the link below to download the China Visa Application Form: http://www.visaforchina.com.au/MEL_EN/upload/Attach/mrbj/255915.pdf
  • Travel Insurance

    Going on holiday and travelling should be fun. You shouldn't need to worry about something going wrong but it can and does for thousands of Australians each year. Luggage gets lost or damaged, people get sick or injured, and there are airline and other transport cancellations or delays. If all you need are the basics for a great trip overseas such as a ticket, passport and a change of clothes, then you can choose our low cost alternative, Elements Travel Plan for single international trip. The essential cover for budget travellers:  ★  UNLIMITED cover for overseas medical expenses.  ★ Luggage cover up to $10,000   ★ Cancellation and Additional Expenses cover up to $1,000,000  ★  Emergency Dental expenses cover up to $1,000,000.   Call us for PDF. 
  • Credit Card Payment

    Secured Credit Card Payment Processed By Westpac Payway. Transaction Currency Australian Dollar, All transactions are processed in AUD. Click here to make your online credit card payment. Please email your online payment Receipt to info@chinaonsale.com.au . 
  • Learn Chinese

    The Chinese language — spoken by more people than any other language in the world — is the official language of China, and is one of the four official languages of Singapore. The best way to learn any language is to have fun with it and to speak it in context - giving Chinese language learners the perfect excuse for an extended trip to China. By immersing yourself in Chinese language and culture, you will absorb a lot more than you would by studying alone or on a language course in your home country. China is  a big country offering a wealth of exciting travel experiences, and if you know some Chinese it will help you get by and get more out of your trip. To start, simply click :  http://learningchineseonline.net
  • Customer Logiin

    You travel details can be accessed from any part of the globe with just a computer and an internet connection. It is very easy for a family/business to accumulate mass volumes of paper, files and documents for a holiday. we provide a eco frinedly solution to help you  reduced physical space and save the time to manage those paperwroks.Simply enter your surname and password given by us, Your personal  travel details, Itinerary,  accommodations, along with your air-tickets  will appear on your device. You can retrieve your  personal travel details any where by just lifting your figers!!